Week #3 (Connector/Researcher): Ice Ice Baby

In this section of reading Holden takes a girl out on an ice skating date and asks her to run away with him. This reminds me of the multiple ice skating dates I have experienced and third wheeled at. Ice skating is a romantic, it is no wonder he chose this setting to cross the line and propose the idea of running away together. This event also reminds me of the ice skating date with Buddy the elf and Jovie when they skate at Rockefeller center in New York City. This connection is ironic because Buddy the elf is full of joy and Christmas spirit, where Holden is rebellious and rude. Ice skating is a romantic but overused date that seems to prove effective in movies and books to get people to fall in love.

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-Autumn K.

Week #2 (Passage Person): Dancing Love

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The passage I chose starts off with Holden dancing with a blonde who he claims to be “a terrific dancer”. After they finish dancing he states “I was half in love with her by the time we sat down”. He barely even knew her and he was already “half in love”? This just proves that teenage boys do not fully understand love. I chose this passage because I believe that it truly captures the mind of young boys and how they view love. All Holden saw was her dancing skills and good looks; that isn’t love. Love is deeper than that. This passage captures the realistic teenage reaction to women and how immature the character really is.

-Autumn K.

Week #1 (Discussion Leader) : Rebel Child

Would the story have been different had it been written in the third person point of view instead of first person?

Is being this sarcastic and rebellious a normal trait for teenagers?

Is there going to be a deeper theme to this storyline?

My group and I all agreed that the way in which the book was written truly captures the development of the teenage mind and attitude by being written in the first person. Most teenagers go through phases of different attitudes, and sarcasm is a normal part of life. But will the extent of the rebelliousness go too far? So far it seems as though the main character is choosing the wrong path in life, especially with school. Getting kicked out of school is a big deal in most cases and I can’t wait to read more stories about the challenges that he has to face throughout life as he enters into adulthood.

-Autumn K.