Week #3 (Passage Person): Holden’s Conflicts

The passage I chose is when Holden is on a date with an old friend named Sally. However, after they went ice skating, Holden got excited and basically asked her to run away with him. Sally, however, did not want any part in it and left, leaving Holden alone with his thoughts.

“The terrible part, though, is that i meant it when I asked her. That’s the terrible part. I swear to God I’m a madman.”

I thought this quote reveals how conflicted and out-of -this-world Holden really is. In the beginning of the chapter, Holden was explaining what a phony Sally was, and what she was like. It was pretty clear that Holden didn’t like her. Then he was talking about running away with her after an afternoon they spent together. Holden is conflicted about everything and he seems to bounce around along with his opinions.


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