Week #2 (Researcher): Rebel Without A Cause

In chapters 7-12, Holden is going about New York, trying to stay away from home. He, upon taking a cab, mistakenly gives the driver his home address, before correcting him and asking him to take him to a hotel. Holden’s increasing rebelliousness is accurate to the time, as teens with jobs had good pay and no longer needed necessarily to depend on their parents. Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock and the rising rock-and-roll fad gave teens another ‘taboo’ subject to take in as their own. Their main objective was to have fun, and they did. They ‘jitterbug’ed away to the newest beats, and this is mirrored in the novel. After Holden finds his way into the ‘Lavender Room,’ a nightclub at the hotel at which he was staying. He finds a group of three girls, and after deeming one ‘cute,’ asks her to dance. He enjoys her dancing, and when a fast song comes on, they jitterbug away.

America’s First Teenagers: Youth in the Fifties


Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock, released in 1957, was a US #1 hit for 7 weeks.

– Rafael C.


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